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The diamond has remained the essential stone in the world of jewelry for centuries. Pure and solid, this mineral fascinates men and especially women enormously. Why are diamonds considered such a popular jewelry choice? Discover in this article the history, the symbolism and the benefits of this precious stone.

What is the composition of diamonds?

The diamond is a stone made entirely of crystallized pure carbon. Of great hardness, it is the most brilliant and solid stone in the world. The fundamental physical characteristics of this precious stone also constitute its thermal conduction potential. It is also used as a cutting tool in industry and also in optical sciences. The composition of diamond allows it to avoid groupings of electrons. Thus, it can serve as an electrical insulator.

The formation of diamond

The vast majority of diamonds come from continental crust precisely from kimberlite. These diamond rocks actually form underground. The magma from the volcanoes as it rises to the surface cools in the kimberlite. Thanks to volcanic eruptions, diamonds rise to the surface. You can then find them in the inclusions of this rock. Once on the surface, you will find diamonds in the secondary springs. These include alluvial and lacustrine deposits such as streams and flooded areas.

In addition, it should be noted that the stones used to make magnificent diamond jewelry can also be born from the impact of an asteroid. You will find many deposits of diamond ring and other jewelry in pink or white diamonds in countries like Russia, India, Brazil, South Africa, etc.

The history and symbolism of the diamond

The diamond has a history that dates back thousands of years. This stone has long aroused the curiosity and lust of men all over the world. From the depths of the earth, at very high temperatures and pressures, which explains its great rarity. In addition, diamond jewelry in antiquity served as a talisman against certain diseases and poisons. The church also considered the diamond to be the tear of God.

The symbolism of this stone has evolved a lot. Today it symbolizes eternal love. It is thus used to adorn the woman’s engagement ring and for jewelry to show her love. Many rings in jewelry stores therefore include a pink or white carat diamond and sublime diamond earrings.

What are the benefits of diamond?

The fascination for diamonds comes from their many benefits and virtues. The benefits of diamond jewelry are actually multiple. Using this stone allows you in particular to act on your physique. You can for example thanks to a diamond ring or white ring put your fingers and your hand in value. It also has other properties such as ridding your body of toxins through deep purification.

In addition, it promotes better harmony and vitality in your body and mind. You can also use it for wounds. In addition, it should be noted that these diamond jewels exist in different shapes and sizes. You will find in jewelry stores and online sites a diamond price that suits you perfectly. Some sites even offer free delivery services.

How to determine the value of a diamond?

There are many criteria that help determine the value of diamonds . The first represents the weight expressed in carats (unit of measurement to better measure the weight of the stones). Indeed, one carat corresponds in jewelry to 0.2 g. Besides diamond carats, consider the clarity of your white diamond. Ring diamonds with little inclusion are extremely expensive. According to international standards, the ring diamond showing no inclusions to the naked eye or under magnification × 10 can be considered as pure in the scale of purity.

Color also plays a major role in estimating the value of your white or colored diamond. You will find on the market colorless diamonds and others of pink, yellow, blue, black and other color. The color scale extends for its diamond jewelry from D to Z. The shape and size of the diamond models are also essential elements of the classification. So check the presentation of the angles, the spaces of the white diamonds and its polishing.

How to maintain your diamond jewelry?

To continue to enjoy the beauty and other benefits of your diamond jewelry for many years to come, you must first and foremost successfully maintain it. Whether it’s a necklace, a pendant, earrings, an engagement ring, a wedding band, bracelet or other diamond jewelry, the maintenance technique remains quite similar. Above all, you must remember that despite its hardness, this pink white diamond stone is nonetheless fragile.

To do this, you must protect your jewelry from shocks. Also, avoid storing your earrings, engagement rings, and other silver or gold jewelry together. Also, do not put it in contact with chemicals, grease or chlorine. When you see that they need cleaning, put them in soapy water. Then, rub your jewel with a cloth or a soft brush. Finally rinse it off with warm water.

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