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Diamond ring

The diamond ring is the ultimate jewel to mark or celebrate an event. But betting on earrings, necklaces or even bracelets, it is the ring that is most associated with the wearing of diamonds.

So how to choose a diamond ring? Whether you are celebrating your engagement, a wedding anniversary or Christmas, a diamond ring is a ring that conveys meaning, emotions and values. You must therefore choose this jewel well in order to dazzle your beloved.

In this article, we will therefore help you to make your choice.

1. Choice of diamond

Anyone looking to buy a piece of diamond jewelry or a beautiful diamond needs to understand what the 4Cs are in order to be able to estimate the value of a diamond. The 4Cs are the defining characteristics of a diamond, set up by the GIA laboratory, they allow the distinction of diamonds.

The 4Cs are:

​ ● Color

​ ● Clarity

​ ● Carat and Cut (or shape).

All diamonds have imperfections, they appear during the formation of it. Purity classifications range from FL (Flawless: no inclusions) to I1-2-3 (Included: Presence of inclusions in large numbers)

The color designates the tint of the diamond, the majority of diamonds in jewelry are white, the colorless white is the absence of color. A sign of purity and rarity, the “whiter” a diamond is, the more expensive it will be. But many have shades of white that vary from perfect colorless to very slight tints of yellow. The international diamond color scale is graded from D (perfect diamonds) to Z (light yellow diamond).

The cut designates the shape (or size) of the diamond, it can be brilliant, pore, princess, marquise or even emerald. The quality of the cut can influence the brilliance of the diamond, a rough diamond carved to perfection will have maximum brilliance and light reflection, which is why it must be well cut. It is the only criterion where the hand of man intervenes, because the brilliance of a diamond depends on the work of man.

The most important point when you want to choose a diamond ring is to know the finger size of the person to whom you are offering it. Indeed, finding the perfect size is sometimes a real challenge. To begin with, you should know that the size of a ring must be chosen for a specific finger, since each finger of the hand is a different size. But also that the sizes change between the left hand and the right hand, it is therefore necessary to know in advance the finger and the hand where the ring will be worn.

But that’s not all ! The thicker the ring the bigger the size, there is often a one size difference between a thin ring and a wider ring body.

Now all you have to do is know the size you want, if this ring is for you, just go to any jeweler to measure your fingers. If you want to please someone by offering them a diamond ring, it immediately becomes more complicated. The simplest method is to take one of the rings she (or he) wears on the finger in question and measure the size.

If, despite our advice, you get the wrong size and need to be altered, Maison Celinni offers you the first sizing, you just have to return the jewel to us, specifying the desired size and we will adjust it.

1. Style

Each diamond ring must be faithful to the personality of the wearer. Which may seem complicated because there are a lot of different models, very simple rings, other very modern ones, or even imposing ones. If you are afraid of making a mistake, opt for a simple ring that can suit everyone. But it would be better to give him a personal gift. Start by observing her tastes in jewelry, whether they are thick or thin, sophisticated or simple, gold or silver…

If your partner has a refined and elegant style, you can opt for a ring with a single round diamond in the brilliant style, if his style is more classic a ring with a single rectangular diamond will be perfect. If he/she is very romantic then a diamond in the shape of a heart will do, if these tastes are modern a larger ring set with diamonds in turn could do the trick. If your other half is artistic or very creative then you should rather choose a ring in the Art Deco style.

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