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Mattresses for sofa beds

The sofa bed is a very clever piece of furniture, which can be used as an extra bed, or for everyday use. Many advantages are associated with it, provided that the berth which equips it is well chosen and that the overall structure of the convertible sofa meets the requirements of comfort and well-being.

What are the advantages of this type of bed?

1/ Presentation and different versions of this piece of furniture

It is a piece of furniture with a double function of sleeping and seating, which fits just as well in a living room, in a bedroom, as in a studio. It can be fitted with any type, ranging from a flat mattress to a foam mattress . The particularity here is that it is generally a fold able mattress, which allows this furniture to offer both sleeping and seating functions.

The sofa bed has the advantage of being available in different models.

It can be a convertible sofa bed that unfolds into a wallet to take the form of a double bed. In the folded position, the sofa can accommodate up to four people, or even more? Depending on the type of mattress , the convertible bed can be more of an extra bed than a seat to spend the day there.

The BZ type convertible bed takes its name from the shape of its mechanism. Indeed, when it is folded up, its three parts form a B. it then unfolds like an accordion, taking the shape of a Z. In this type of sofa, it is possible to lie down, as well as to sit at perpendicular to the wall. These are the two possible destinations for this very practical piece of furniture.

It is available in several sizes, ranging from the simple armchair, to the three-seater mattress in the lying position. In its classic form, the BZ convertible bed is made up of an articulated slatted base and a foam mattress. The most expensive versions of this piece of furniture are equipped with berths in Bultex or latex, materials that lend themselves better to regular sleeping. 

The click-clack sofa

It is simple to use. It folds and unfolds in two stages (click and clack). To open it, simply tilt the click-clack backwards. At the clack, you have to lower the seat. To close it, lift the seat to 90°. On click, the user will only have to bring the whole thing back to him. Depending on the model, it can be transformed into a two-seater or one-seater convertible sofa. Even better, this modular sofa can be equipped with a storage box, useful for tight spaces.

2/ The advantages and disadvantages of this piece of furniture

The advantages of a convertible bed are of various kinds, and can be assessed according to the expectations that each person has of a convertible mattress.

Space saving is undoubtedly the first positive point of this solution, which is more so when the user lives in a small dwelling. It will allow you to store in the same space, bed and sofa, thanks to the double function it offers. The user will therefore need little manipulation to move from one structure to another.

In addition to the practicality of this piece of furniture, it must be said that it saves money since it fulfills the function of a bed and a sofa. This makes it possible to automatically rule out the question of the investment to acquire both a bed and a sofa. It should be noted that the sofa, in its convertible version, will naturally be more expensive than if it were a classic model. Regardless of its shape, the price of this piece of furniture can vary depending on many factors, including the type of mattress that equips it.

To these two advantages must be added the versatility of this furniture, which allows you to receive guests as well as to sleep in twos or threes depending on the size. It offers an additional bed, when the user receives “surprise” guests.

It should also be noted that the advantages of the convertible mattress can be assessed according to the variant concerned. For the one that unfolds like an accordion, the advantage of practicality is in order, in addition to the fact that the sofa cover can act as a blanket. The second variant offers wider dimensions, especially in a seated position.

As disadvantages, this device, when it is to be used for lying down, can be less comfortable than a traditional bed, especially when it is a low-end model. Similarly, the solidity of the sofa bed can be compromised in the long term, given the fact that it will be regularly folded and unfolded according to its current destination. This movement can in the long run affect the longevity of this piece of furniture. Also note that this convertible bed, when equipped with a real box spring, can be very heavy. This remark is especially valid when the bed takes the form of a bench. Whether it’s a foldable, flat or foam mattress, it tends to sag where it sits.

3/ Comfort, investment, materials of the convertible sofa

There is a wide choice of materials and finishes for a convertible sofa. In this case, the tastes and preferences of the user will make the difference. It is indeed possible to opt for a fabric model, as it is possible to prefer it in leather. While the second must be dusted regularly and maintained with a cleaning cream, the first must be removable, in order to allow easier maintenance. If it is not possible to remove the cover, you should be able to vacuum it once or twice a month.

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