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Duo Likoolis sofa bed

Arrange a small apartment with taste, decorate small spaces with furniture that is both practical and designer , an idea that has made its way to Likoolis. Because we know that our contemporaries, individuals or accommodation professionals, have to arrange increasingly confined spaces, we have created small sofa beds specially designed to decorate the smallest rooms.

The small Likoolis convertible sofas will delight you with their many qualities:

Depending on your day, it easily transforms into a sofa, meridian, recliner, bed, by simply opening the front like a drawer. A small sofa bed, but also a real bed, with a comfortable bedding, our little convertible thinks big.

Its dimensions, low depth, and its feet equipped with multi directional wheels, make it a mobile life companion, easy to move even in narrow stairwells or elevators. Practical effect, you will appreciate the ergonomics of the small Likoolis sofa bed in your space which it will certainly occupy discreetly but with great elegance.

The small customizable convertible sofa effect

The second effect of the small Likoolis convertible sofa is that it can adapt to your interior decoration or reveal it fully, because you can personalize it by choosing your upholstery .

Their simple shapes, their clean lines, their transposable cushions make our range of small sofa beds design and contemporary furniture that harmonizes with all styles, from the most modern to the most rustic. Each Likoolis small sofa bed is unique, because you create your own.

Likoolis manufactures your small convertible sofa according to the leather or fabric coverings you have selected. Available in several shades and colours , you will undoubtedly find the fabric or cover material that will enhance your interior. And, if however, you do not find in our catalog the cover that suits you, you can buy it, then send it to us to make your small sofa bed.

A personalized manufacturing that you can afford by ordering as many samples as you wish, our customer service is at your disposal to advise you.

The small DUO convertible sofa in 140 cm to optimize your space

Likoolis optimizes the layout of your home thanks to the great modularity of the small sofa bed DUO. This 140 x 200 cm sofa bed naturally finds its place in small spaces, while providing you with maximum ease and comfort. Its ability to adapt is also given to it by the perfectly adjusted dimension of its depth: exactly 82 cm.

duo sofa in 140 convertible navy blue at Likoolis

The small compact convertible sofa thus arrives in the Likoolis PADDOCK and VOGUE ranges, with a common base comprising 2 mechanisms and 2 independent mattresses that can be adjusted separately. The PADDOCK is a small DUO convertible sofa with a footprint of 140 cm while the VOGUE has comfortable armrests for a total width of 150 cm.

With its small footprint, this small DUO convertible sofa can adapt to tight spaces such as small living rooms or small bedrooms. Able to accommodate up to three people seated, it quickly converts into a convertible sofa that sleeps 2 at night, for quality comfort. If this convertible sofa bed takes up little space, it is also very practical to install or move given its 2 independent mechanisms.

Transporting it is child’s play since the 2 mattresses are packed separately on delivery and the sofa beds positioned on the edge do not exceed 55 cm in height.

How does the small sofa bed DUO work?

Thanks to its patented Likoolis telescopic system, the small sofa bed DUO opens easily by slightly lifting the front lever located under the front of the sofa bed. Thus, the unfolding is easily done to transform the small modular sofa into a recliner, or open it into a chaise longue and then into a bed.

You will appreciate the flexibility of the Likoolis mechanism and will not hesitate to take advantage of its ease of use to adjust your sofa according to your current needs. As a chaise longue, sofa or spare bed, exploit the potential of our small sofa bed DUO in all situations.

Each element making up this small DUO convertible sofa can be modulated separately, 2 people can enjoy a sitting function for one and a relax or chaise longue for the other at the same time. 

The small 100% French DUO sofa

Designed to flatter your home, this small DUO sofa bed will adapt wonderfully to your daily life

The manufacturing is done entirely in France , whether it is the assembly, the shaping of the foams or the making of the cover covers. This French convertible sofa has quality materials, such as its comfortable high-resilience SOFLEX mattress in 35kg/m3 density or its reinforced slatted base.

Specialist in convertible sofas, Likoolis also offers choice materials , such as short velvet with a cozy and silky texture, or artificial leather that is easy to maintain, as well as genuine leather with a warm touch. This quality is also found in our services, from the 5-year guarantee on the mechanism, to the follow-up of your order, through secure payment. All these advantages give this convertible sofa bed excellent value for money.

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