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use a taxi to get to the station

There are several ways to get to your ski holiday , depending on the budget, your preferred types of transport, your departure times and many moreā€¦Train travel is one of them. And for practical reasons, the train is increasingly popular with holidaymakers. But once you arrive at the station, how do you get to the ski resort ? Car rental, bus, taxi? Booking a taxi often turns out to be a wise choice.

We explain why in 5 very simple reasons.

1. Optimize your security

Navigating the roads of an unfamiliar region on your own is not easy. And even less in winter when the temperatures are negative and the snow is falling. Traveling by bus or shuttle means choosing a heavy and sometimes very busy means of transport that considerably increases the travel time to your favorite station. Avoid frights to your children by circulating this way on the winding mountain roads . Finding a taxi that will take you to your destination means getting your safety across and that of your loved ones before the rest. Taxis have a reputation as a safe means of transport. The size of the vehicle is perfectly adapted to the winding roads located in the mountains and which can make access to your favorite resort very complicated.

2. Take care of your comfort

A long train journey has just been made and it must not have been easy. Especially if the train is crowded during school holidays. So after such a trip, treat yourself to some well-deserved comfort by choosing a taxi to get to the ski resort.. Perfect for starting family vacations without getting too tired! In addition, other means of transport providing journeys from stations to stations, such as buses or shuttles in particular, will drop off passengers at a specific point in the station. Let’s imagine that the magnificent mountain chalet or apartment that has been rented is at the end of the resort or even higher up, how are you going to do it? It will then be necessary to take a means of transport to reach it, unless you have to walk to it, which, in the event that you are very loaded, would make the journey exhausting. Make your life easier by taking just one taxi from the station to the final destination of the trip to the ski resort .

3. Ensure your serenity

You are at the station. Now how to reach the station without getting lost? Where to go ? Which road to take? Avoid all those agonizing questions. They should not have their place during your vacation. Calling a taxi allows you to start your ski holiday without worry , while being totally relaxed. In addition, if you are with family and children, it is necessary to take care of them properly. The framework of a shuttle or a bus is then not really adequate for your situation and a taxi would undoubtedly be better suited. By taxi, no more worrying about which stop to get off at, no more worrying about having forgotten your bag or jacket inside the bus or shuttle and not knowing how to get it back .The taxi is much simpler because there is close contact with the driver and his taxi agency. Finally, this certain proximity offered by the taxi can allow you to get a short visit to the ski resort as well as some advice on the various services and shops in the resort. What the bus driver will surely not do.

4. Speed

Taking the bus may require some patience. The driver behind the wheel of this large vehicle must be careful and drive more slowly. By taxi , on the other hand, everything goes faster , which greatly limits unnecessary loss of time on the road. Lighter, the car will stop less and drive better. Ideal for starting your vacation as soon as possible! But also, as the famous saying goes “time is money”, a taxi trip will save a lot of time.compared to a bus trip which may make several stops on the way. You could then take advantage of this precious time to rest after having settled comfortably in the rented accommodation. It is also not silly to go shopping before the supermarkets close or to rent ski equipment and buy your passes if you haven’t already done so. In short, so many things that you could not do when arriving by bus, for example.

5. Save money

The price of a taxi is often much lower than you think . The advantage of the taxi is that the price per car is unique . It does not vary with the number of people who borrow it, alone or with four, the price will remain the same. A real godsend for families ! Indeed, taking a taxi is cheaper than taking a family shuttle. In the latter case, the ticket is purchased per person, individually. In the same way, the quality/price ratio compared to any other means of transport from a station to the station, whether it is the bus or a shuttle, is clearly superior in favor of a taxi. Indeed, as stated above, you will benefit from greater take a taxi, whether in terms of seating, as well as for the pleasant side of the journey thanks in particular to the fact of not having to manage one’s luggage.

In conclusion, the taxi is truly the most advantageous means of transport to get to the station. With family or friends and without a vehicle at hand, the taxi is an economical, safe, fast and comfortable way . It will make you start your ski holiday with complete peace of mind . So make the wise choice of taxi, from the station to your accommodation in the resort, it will make your life easier and therefore make the trip and stay in the mountains much more pleasant!

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