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In a country where every motorcycle owner is looking for the best option that can help them conserve fuel and ride further on a single tank refill, Hero’s Super Splendor is a popular choice. The bike scores high in fuel efficiency and affordability. But what makes the Super Splendor a leader in fuel efficiency? The answer is i3S technology, an innovative feature that helps you squeeze more kilometres out of every tank.

What is the i3S technology, and how does it help you achieve more out of every single litre of fuel? Let’s find out!

Understanding i3S: A Smarter Engine Stop-Start System

i3S stands for “Idle Stop-Start System.” This technology automatically shuts off the engine when your Super Splendor is idling, typically after a few seconds of being in neutral with the side stand up. When you want to move again, simply pull the clutch lever, and the engine seamlessly restarts, eliminating the need for a key turn or kickstart.

This bike in India is one of the many bike models offered by Hero MotoCorp that are equipped with this technology.

i3S Integration in Super Splendor

The i3S technology in the Super Splendor involves sensors and a control unit. These sensors detect the gear position, engine speed, and side stand status.

Based on this information, the i3S unit determines when to turn the engine off and back on, ensuring a smooth and efficient operation.

Benefits of i3S in Super Splendor: More Kilometres, Less Fuel

The primary benefit of i3S on the Hero Super Splendor is improved fuel efficiency. By eliminating unnecessary idling, especially during stop-and-go traffic, i3S can significantly reduce fuel consumption. This is particularly useful in Indian road conditions that witness significant congestion.

Additionally, the tech on the newest Super Splendor model has been optimised, resulting in 13% more mileage than the previous model.

i3S and Long-Term Maintenance

The use of i3S technology doesn’t significantly impact the maintenance needs of your Super Splendor. In fact, it helps avoid frequent maintenance visits for your bike’s engine. The Hero Super Splendor ex-showroom price of ₹ 80,848 (for the Drum brake variant in Delhi) gives you a bike that has all the features of the best mileage bike in India.

However, it’s crucial to follow the manufacturer’s recommended service schedule and pay attention to any unusual sounds or vibrations. These may be caused by riding on varied terrains, and your attention is needed to prevent any significant bike troubles from developing in the future.

Additionally, ensure your battery is properly charged for optimal performance of the i3S technology.

Towards a Greener Ride

Hero MotoCorp is committed to providing products that are in line with sustainability goals so that the impact on the environment is minimised. By offering their proprietary i3S technology primarily on commuter bikes like the Hero Super Splendor, Hero is ensuring that people travel farther on the same amount of fuel amidst rising fuel prices.

If you choose this bike in India, you’ll take a significant step towards journeys that guzzle less fuel. As technology continues to evolve, i3S has the potential to become a standard feature, paving the way for a greener and more sustainable future for the motorcycle industry.

Till that time comes, choose the Hero Super Splendor and ride worry-free for kilometres.

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