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content marketing trends

Content marketing is the basis of a good web strategy. To reach your target and increase your conversion rate, it is essential to know the latest content marketing trends  !

top content marketing trends in 2023

When it comes to attracting potential customers, there’s nothing like a good website. But an empty site attracts no one: that’s the whole point of a good inbound marketing strategy. This mainly involves creating content. Content marketing aims to attract an audience, create a relationship of trust with its members and convince them to take action.

To stand out from your competitors, you must constantly adapt your editorial strategy to the new expectations of Internet users. Discover the latest trends in content marketing without delay  !

What are the new content marketing trends in 2023?

The days when it was enough to place as many keywords as possible in an article to attract visitors and sell them your product are long gone. Communication should be for humans, not robot scrapers. Today, Internet users are looking for ultra-quality content that perfectly meets their expectations. It also means more customization and creating a compelling user experience .

We can never repeat it enough: on the internet, “  Content is king  ”! Whether it’s to flatter search engines or to captivate Internet users, you must create content with high added value . The trend in 2023 is to favor longer content, with articles of 2,000 to 3,000 words and product sheets of several hundred words.

Your texts must of course be optimized for natural referencing, but also respond precisely to the search intentions of Internet users. Indeed, the increasingly sophisticated Google algorithm is now able to define whether content is really written to bring value to the reader. In addition, quality, original and relevant content will help you retain your audience and increase your conversion rate.

The end of 2022 was marked by a real revolution in the digital world : the public availability of the ChatGPT conversational tool created by OpenAI and based on GPT-3 artificial intelligence. This tool immediately blew users away. He is, in fact, capable of producing well-constructed and correctly written texts very quickly.

However, it has flaws. It struggles to distinguish relevant information from others and can thus generate totally erroneous content. In addition, he struggles to vary the turns of phrase and sometimes uses unnatural syntax. Last but not least, his productions are devoid of emotion. So, having texts written by AI without human intervention in the creative process is a risk in terms of SEO and personal branding.

Editors will have to adapt to this new tool and integrate it into their professional practice. Using AI can save them a lot of time, but verifying all the information and reworking the content produced is essential. At Textbroker, we believe in human-enhanced AI content.

In December 2022, Google announced an evolution of recommendations for Quality Raters responsible for evaluating the relevance of SERP results. These rules were since 2014 based on the EAT concept (for Expertise, Authoritativeness, Trust, or expertise, authority and trust in French). In the latest guidelines, Google added the E in Experience to create the concept of EEAT .

This is indeed the writer’s experience and not the UX (user experience). The creation of content must be entrusted to writers who have had personal experience of the subject:

This trend is especially important for product presentations. The year 2022 was also marked by several updates to Google’s algorithm relating to Product Reviews. The leader of search engines has indeed decided to highlight the tests and comparisons written by real users capable of providing rich and original information.

Today, the attention of Internet users is subject to a multitude of solicitations. To stand out and capture their attention, bet on interactive content . Encourage your visitors to create their personalized user experience as if they were reading a “book in which you are the hero”. You can offer them:

Also consider providing your prospects with a high-performance chatbot based on AI and machine learning. Conversational marketing has the potential to boost your revenue by engaging prospects at all stages of their buying journey.

Consumers attach more and more importance to the values ​​conveyed by brands. This is especially true for younger generations like Gen Z. To win them over, you need to demonstrate a deep commitment to environmental protection, inclusivity, and worker protection. These principles are part of the CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) approach.

In 2023 more than ever, highlight your company’s values ​​by fully integrating them into your editorial line. They must become inseparable from your brand in order to create a relationship of trust with your potential customers. It is also essential to engage in concrete actions to demonstrate the reality of your commitment.

A good content strategy necessarily involves relying on the emotions of prospects. Storytelling allows you to create a strong link with your audience and make them want to choose your brand over another. In the human brain, information is memorized much more efficiently if it is linked to an emotion. If you tell your prospect a story that speaks to him and allows him to identify with you, you will increase your chances of retaining him. Make sure that your storytelling is always consistent with the values ​​carried by your brand.

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